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Gingival graft

The principle of gingival graft is to strengthen and / or cover the exposed part of the tooth root caused by gum recession, allowing to reduce tooth sensitivity or improve aesthetic problems (long teeth).

Gingival graft helps improve various esthetic problems of the oral cavity (your dentist will take gum tissue from one site to cover the exposed root under local anesthesia).

Technique of gingival
grafting and recovery of gum recession

Some types of gingival recession can be treated by gingival graft. The intervention is performed as follows:


Healing is well underway at about 10 days. Complete healing is found in a few weeks or even a few months. And the esthetic result is definitive. However the exposed area can be completedly or partly covered depending on each case.


Gingival graft technique and filling volume at edentulous ridge deficit.

Tooth extraction often brings about reduction in gum and bone volume in the extraction site.

In case you get dental implant or bridge, if the volume lost is not compensated, the aesthetic result is still disappointing. This problem can be solved with tissue grafting.

This method gives more satisfactory cosmetic result. It is usually done in visible areas of the mouth, particularly on the anterior teeth.