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  Dr.  Bui Thi Thu Oanh - Dental Surgeon and Head of H Dental

  Dr. Bui Thi Thu Oanh got her diploma for Odontology from Hanoi Medical University,
  Faculty for Dentistry in 1997. She obtained professional certificates in Implants in France  
  and Orthodontics by POS – America.

  With over twenty years of experience working at Department of Dentistry, now called H
  Dental – L’Hôpital Francais de Hanoi, Dr. Oanh specializes in dental treatment, esthetic
  restoration and dental surgery under general anesthesia.

  Dr. Bui Thi Thu Oanh is in charge of H Dental – L’Hôpital Francais de Hanoi. She and
  other dentists are commited to provide you dental services with great comfort and


  Dr.  Lilly Ruth Pielago - Dental Surgeon and Orthodontist

  Dr. Lilly received her diploma  in Doctor of Dental Medicine in Southwestern University
  Cebu, Philippines and Master of Science in Oral Biology and Orthodontics.

  Dr. Lilly Pielago started her profession as an orthodontist in various dental institutions in
  the Philippines. She mainly had her own practice in Cebu and is continuing it here in
  Hanoi, Vietnam.

  She is a licensed Orthodontist with certificates of different techniques and has attended a
  lot of trainings internationally. Through many years of experience and excellent formation,
  Dr. Lilly has mastered the diagnosis and treatment planning for extensive and complex
  orthodontic cases.

  She is a member of the International Association of Orthodontists, Philippine Dental
  Association and International Association of Implantologists and Orthodontists.

  Dr.  Victor Sarafian - Dental Surgeon and Implantologist

  Dr. Victor SARAFIAN received his diploma on dental surgery at Marseilles University and
  completed his Master of Science on Oral Surgery. He has gained extensive experience in
  Oral Surgeries at Universities of Aix-Marseille. He also supervises the training of the
  students in dental surgery. He particularly specializes in Implantology, Parodontology,
  Oral surgery and Esthetic Dentistry.

  He has performed several dental surgeries under general anesthesia or conscious sedation

  Dr. Victor SARAFIAN attended numerous international conferences on implantology in
  addition to authoring scientific papers on this field.