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Esthetic restoration

Dental restorations involve the use of restorative materials known as “esthetic”: ceramic and composit resins to restore the function and shape of your natural teeth.

These materials has maximal ability to imitate the properties of your natural teeth in terms of characteristics and color.

Depending on the size of the defect (caries, fractures, shape,..), different techniques are used.


This procedure is completed on only one visit. They will be bonded on the teeth on the same day that your dentist clean and prepare the teeth.

This technique is often used to correct small cavities.


Inlays / onlays

Inlays/ onlays are fillings produced by laboratory technicians. Due to the use of ceramic materials, they perfectly imitate the shape and color of your natural teeth.

Usually two appointments are needed, with the first appointment for preparation of the teeth and impressions taken.

The second appointment is when the fillings are ready. They will be tried on and bonded onto the tooth under rigourious protocol to restore the tooth with strength and durability.


All-ceramic crowns (ceramic reinforcement)

All-ceramic crowns make use of highly advanced design process. They consist of a highly resistant ceramic reinforcement covered with a layer of ceramic material of the same color as your natural teeth. These types of crowns have excellent biocompatibility and aesthetics superior to metal-ceramic crowns.