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When Orthodontics is used?

What is Orthodontics?

A field in dentistry that corrects teeth and jaw that are mal-positioned. It is coined from the Greek words “orthos” meaning to correct and “dons” which means teeth. Orthodontics has been practiced as a specialty in dental medicine for decades.

A specialist in the field is called orthodontist.

They concentrate in treating teeth and jaw dysfunctions and work separately with the dentist who takes care of the teeth and other oral treatments like filling, cleaning, extraction or crowns.

To know if you need orthodontic treatment or not, the orthodontist will conduct a thorough diagnostic examination that usually are:

  • Panoramic, cephalometric radiographs
  • Impressions for dental casts
When Orthodontics is used?

Severely crowded, spaced and mal-aligned teeth are being corrected using fixed or removable appliances (depends on each case).


  • To avoid oral problems like tooth decay, early loss of tooth support and periodontal diseases.
  • Easy to clean, well-aligned teeth that creates a good oral function for eating, speaking and breathing.

Common cases that are treated in orthodontics are:

Crowded teeth:


Overbite or supraclusion

Often called as “buck teeth” where the upper teeth are positioned too forward from the lower teeth



where the lower teeth overlaps the upper teeth



where there is no contact between the upper and lower teeth


Deviated midline

The mid-point of the upper and lower teeth are moved either to the left or right


Spacing of the teeth