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So how we create smile with braces


1. On your first appointment                                  

Your first orthodontic appointment will consist of various examinations. These include: 1.   Oral examination to see the visual condition of your teeth and the surrounding tissues like your lips, gums and cheeks. 2. A profile examination will be conducted to assess the shape and symmetry of your face and 3. Diagnostic examinations include: Panoramic and Cephalometric radiographs, impression for study casts or teeth models as well as impression on bite wax.

2. Diagnosis & treatment plan

In this stage, your Orthodontist will carefully examine your profile pictures, your radiographs and your teeth model to come up with the most suitable and best treatment plan for you. He/She will choose the best appliance to be used for the entire treatment and will discuss with you the important points within the treatment period. It is important that you ask questions which you would like to know about your orthodontic treatment as well as inform your Orthodontist about your expectations. This will help them create the best treatment for you and keep you comfortable throughout the process.

3. Active Treatment

The next phase is the active treatment where your braces will be installed. Here, you will find a lot of changes as the braces are attached on the surfaces of the teeth. Some may find discomfort on the speech and chewing, but it is important that you inform your Orthodontist about this so he/she can help you adjust and get used to it. It is important that you clean your teeth with braces all the time to avoid unnecessary dental visits for gum and periodontal problems. You should also minimize eating hard and sticky foods to keep the braces from falling or breaking. Broken brackets will lengthen the time of the orthodontic treatment because they stop the movement process of your teeth unless your Orthodontist re-cements them immediately.

4. Finishing and contention

Finishing your orthodontic treatment is one of the crucial stages in the process because the teeth have to be well-occluded and aligned at this phase. Surgical corrections should have been done at this time and the final movements should be positively seen by your Orthodontist. You should not miss any appointments to avoid your long treatments. You will see a very interesting result once you have followed all your Orthodontist’s instructions as well as done your part in keeping an excellent oral hygiene. Once your teeth are already aligned, and with proper conclusion, your Orthodontist will then remove the braces and will let you wear an appliance to stabilize the teeth for a certain period of time.

A very impressive and excellent Orthodontic treatment will be seen at the end of the treatment and you will see the good changes within your smile, your chewing as well as how you look like with that beautiful set of healthy, aligned teeth.